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menstrual health and

hygiene in tribal communities

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This project will establish a women-run rural factory to produce clean, affordable, compostable sanitary pads. The pads will be distributed through woman-to-woman networks of small self help groups, social centers, and nongovernmental organizations. This distribution system will make our pads accessible to women in rural communities that rarely have access to menstrual hygiene products made by large manufacturers. We'll provide productive employment and independent income for 6 to 10 women trained to make and distribute the pads. The women also will provide menstrual health and hygiene information through science-based community outreach programs.

Our pads will make it possible for school-age girls to manage their period without missing classes. For many, Period Dignity will mean the difference between staying in school and dropping out completely before finishing their basic education.



There are 325 million menstruating females in India
  • More than 80 percent of them don’t have access to safe affordable menstrual hygiene products. Most reuse—and often share—absorbent cloth that is difficult to clean and sanitize.

  • In rural India, millions of women use materials such as rags or shredded newspaper to absorb menstrual flow.

  • 75 percent of adolescent girls suffer infections and health disorders during menstruation.

  • One third of female students do not go to school during their period, and many drop out completely before finishing their basic education.



Period Dignity is a project of The JJ Metta Memorial Foundation (JJMM), founded in 2006 in memory of Jayanth “JJ” Charya. 

JJMM's driving principle is the conviction that health, education, and dignity are fundamental rights of all children. 


Girls on the threshold of adolescence are a special focus of JJMM's activities. We created Period Dignity to help these girls enter and travel through adulthood with the freedom and dignity that are their rights.  

Learn more about JJMM here:

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Your donation will make a difference: 

$50 will buy enough raw materials for more than 1100 pads each month.

$100 will pay for one month's electricity.

$225 will pay rent for the month.

Of course, ANY amount you give will help ensure that adolescent girls and adult women live with health and dignity every day --- month after month after month.


Contact Us

To learn more about Period Dignity and how you can help improve menstrual health and hygiene and create meaningful jobs for women in rural India, please fill out the form or email us at information@thejjmettafoundation.org